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At the office of Douglas J. Hazel, DDS and Christopher R. Hazel, DDS, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of dental-care technology. Discover fast and comfortable cavity detection. With our digital x-rays, we are able to use up to 60% less radiation compared to traditional film. Our office also utilizes the new and proven method of laser cavity detection to find the microscopic tears in your enamel before significant damage is done.


Trust our over 40 years experience to deliver friendly, professional, and stress-free dental care for the whole family - schedule your appointment today.

Strengthen your tooth enamel with our professional fluoride treatments. The solution is absorbed into both primary and permanent teeth to bring you exceptional protection throughout the development stages.

Get proven decay prevention for children, adolescents, and adults with expert sealing procedures. Our professionals work to maintain your smile for a lifetime, and sealants help to make that possible.

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